• Our contracted online ad-serving company, DoubleClick, defines an impression as "one ad served to one ad slot on a Web page." In other words, an impression is any ad that loads onto a Web page.
  • Abbreviation standing for "Cost Per Thousand Impressions" a method by which M.Shanken Communications' on-site Internet ads are priced; for example, if an advertiser were to buy 100,000 impressions at a CPM of $50, the total cost for this placement would be $5,000.
  • A "click" is the action of an online user using their mouse or touch pad to transfer through to an advertiser's site or offer
  • The ratio of clicks to impressions
  • Represented by the following equation:

         number of clicks           X 100
    number of impressions
  • For example, if an ad receives 1,000 clicks out of 100,000 impressions, the ad's CTR equals 1%
  • The approximate percentage of time an ad will appear on a Web site; for example, if an advertiser purchased 100,000 impressions out of a total 1 million impressions for a given time frame, this advertiser's ad will display approximately 10% of the time; this advertiser will therefore have an approximate 10% Share of Voice

For additional terms, please click here to be directed to the Interactive Advertising Bureaus' Glossary of Interactive Advertising Terms