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  • 64% are willing to spend more on Gourmet food**

* MRI Fall 2013 Survey HHI $100k+
** 2013 Ipos Affluent Survey USA, HHI $100k+

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Ads received after deadline will appear in the following issue.

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Insertion orders, ad materials and payment are ALL DUE BY NOON E.S.T. ON THE DEADLINE. Ad materials and payments received after the deadline will appear in the following issue.

All ads must be prepaid by check or money order in U.S. funds, Visa, Master Card or American Express. Wine Spectator is not responsible for ads submitted without payment.

There is no agency discount on classified advertising.

All advertisements must be accompanied by background information on the company or product.

Effective with the January/February 2014 Issue
First page premium: 10%

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All rates are per insertion









Digital files only. Preferred file format: PDF

Column Width

1 column

2 5/8" wide


2 columns

5 5/8" wide

Maximum size allowed in classified is 10 column

3 columns

8 5/8" wide

inches (1 column by 10" or 2 columns by 5")

Effective with the January/February 2013 Issue

Single Insertion
$460 up to and including 30 words. Each word over 30 add $5 (Abbreviations, phone numbers, box numbers, zip codes, e-mail addresses, web addresses each count as one word)

Multiple Insertion Discounts
4 Insertions: $1,680 / first 30 words ($420 each)
10 Insertions: $3,750 / first 30 words ($375 each)
One Year (15 Insertions): $5,325/ first 30 words ($355 each)
For multiple orders, each word over 30 is an additional $5 per word, per insertion.

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Deadline Notice

Insertion orders, ad materials and payment are ALL DUE BY NOON E.S.T. on the deadline. Ad materials and payments received after the deadline will appear in the following issue.

Issue deadlines are subject to change.

Art Requirements For Display Classified Advertising

Digital Files only. Preferred file format: Press optimized PDF. EPS and TIFF files are also acceptable.

Black & White ads only. Please convert your ad to grayscale. CMYK or RGB formats are not acceptable.

Please include a proof. We are not responsible for print quality if a proof is not included.

All ads must have a border; we reserve the right to add a border if necessary.

120 maximum line screen, 300 dpi minimum.

Please measure your ad precisely and according to our column width requirement and to your space reservation in depth. We will not resize ads

E-mail your ad to: If your file is larger than 1MB, please create a zip file using compression software such as Stuff-It before e-mailing.

Prepayment is due with materials and is necessary or your ad will not run.

Wine Spectator not responsible for reproduction quality if above specifications are not met.