2018 Issue Dates and Deadlines

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Issue Space Close Material Due
December Nov 1, 2017 Nov 6, 2017
January/February Jan 8, 2018 Jan 12,2018
March Feb 1, 2018 Feb 5, 2018
April Mar 9, 2018 Mar 14, 2018
May Apr 5, 2018 Apr 10, 2018
June May 3, 2018 May 8, 2018
July/August Jun 14, 2018 Jun 19, 2018
September Aug 9, 2018 Aug 14, 2018
Leaders Aug 16, 2018 Aug 21, 2018
October Sept 7, 2018 Sept 12, 2018
November Oct 8, 2018 Oct 11, 2018
December Nov 5, 2018 Nov 8, 2018

Not to be missed...


On Premise Player of the Year

  • Spirits Category Feature: American Brandy
  • Spirits Category Feature: Upscale Rums
  • Mixology: Winter Cocktails
  • Wine Feature: Australia
  • On-Premise Player of the Year: Fleming’s Wine Bar
  • On-Premise Profile: Innovative Dining Group
  • Retailer Profile: Winooski’s Beverage Warehouse
  • Craft Profile: Revolution Brewing
  • Beer Feature: Scaling Back On Craft
  • Wine Sense: New Jersey Wines
  • Bar Talk: Quince In Cocktails
  • Beer Buzz: Beer Finder Apps
  • Crystal Ball: Top trends for 2018
  • Supplier Profile: Heaven Hill
  • Somm Spotlight



  • Spirits Category Feature: Vodka
  • Mixology: Aged Whiskies in Cocktails (Bourbon and Scotch)
  • Wine Feature: California’s Red Blends
  • On-Premise Profile: 4 Star Restaurant Group
  • Retailer Profile: Jensen’s Liquors, Miami
  • Craft Spirits Profile: Kings County Distillery
  • Craft Brewer Profile: Lagunitas
  • Beer Feature: The New National Player
  • Beer Feature: MillerCoors’s Craft Play
  • Wine Sense: Canned Wines
  • Bar Talk: Bone Broth Cocktails
  • Beer Buzz: Beer’s Homage To Classic Cocktails
  • Supplier Profile: Ste. Michelle Wine Estates
  • Cider Feature
  • Special Bonus Distribution: Impact Marketing Seminar


Spirit & Wine Hot Brand Awards

  • Spirits and Wine Hot Brand Awards
  • Spirits Category Feature: Mezcal
  • Mixology: Themed Cocktails
  • Wine Feature: Argentina
  • Wine Feature: Canned Wine
  • On-Premise Profile: Fine Dining Resturants Group
  • Retailer Feature: Bayway World of Liquors
  • Craft Spirits Profile: Berkshire Mountain Distillers
  • Craft Beer Profile: Troegs Brewing, Pennsylvania
  • Beer Feature: Canned Beer’s Boom Continues
  • Wine Sense: Intrinsic
  • Bar Talk: Aloe and Eucalyptus in Cocktails
  • Feature: Chicago
  • Supplier Profile: Trinchero
  • Special Bonus Distribution: Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America


Control States/NABCA

  • Spirits Category Feature: Rum
  • Spirits Category Feature: World Whiskies
  • Mixology: Tequila
  • Wine Feature: California’s Whites
  • Wine Feature: The Imported Wine Market
  • On-Premise Profile: Four Corners Tavern Group
  • Retailer Feature: Garfield’s Beverage Warehouse, Chicago
  • Craft Spirits Profile: WhistlePig
  • Craft Brewer Profile: Avery Brewing
  • Beer Feature: Newly National Players
  • Wine Sense: Texas Wines
  • Bar Talk: Kombucha Cocktails
  • Beer Buzz: Crowlers
  • Control State Review
  • Smaller Control States Profile
  • Cocktail Hour: Nico de Soto of Mace, New York City
  • Special Bonus Distribution: National Alcohol Beverage Control Association National Restaurant Association


  • Spirits Feature: Gin
  • Spirits Feature: Coffee-Infused Products
  • Mixology: Vodka
  • Wine Feature: Rosé, including French and non-French
  • Wine Feature: Sustainability in California
  • On-Premise Profile: TBD
  • Retailer Profile: Wine Gallery, Massachusetts
  • Craft Spirits Profile: Balcones
  • Craft Brewer Profile: SixPoint Brewing
  • Beer Feature: On-Premise Strategies
  • Wine Sense: Tap Wines in Kegs
  • Bar Talk: Candy In Cocktails
  • Beer Buzz: Professional Pourers
  • Hot Brands Party Roundup
  • Bardstown Bourbon Company
  • Supplier Profile: Guarachi Wine Partners



  • Spirits Category Feature: Tequila
  • Mixology: Hottest Summer Cocktails
  • Wine Feature: Chile
  • On-Premise Profile: Local 8 Restaurant Group
  • Retailer Feature: Nick’s Liquors, Indiana
  • Craft Spirits Profile: Wyoming Whiskey
  • Craft Brewer Profile: Bear Republic
  • Wine Sense
  • Beer Feature: Alcoholic Seltzers
  • Bar Talk: Seaweed in Cocktails
  • Supplier Profile: Winebow
  • Special Advertorial Section: Summer Cocktails
  • Special Bonus Distribution: Tales of the Cocktail



  • Spirits Category Feature: Bourbon
  • Spirits Category Feature: Irish Whiskey
  • Mixology: Sherry In Cocktails
  • Wine Feature: New Zealand
  • On-Premise Profile: TBD
  • Retailer Profile: Liquor Depot USA, Texas
  • Retailer Feature: Craft Beer Cellar
  • Craft Spirits Profile: Samson & Surrey
  • Craft Spirits Profile: Clear Creek
  • Craft Brewer Profile: Abita New Orleans
  • Beer “Hot Brand Awards”
  • Beer Wholesaler of the Year
  • Wine Supplier Profile: Vine Street Importers
  • Bar Talk: Lesser-Known Mexican and Agave Distillates
  • Special Bonus Distribution: National Beer Wholesalers Association


Annual Retail Awards

„Profiles of Six Leaders, Four Alumni Award Winners and The Retailer of the Year. The Publication honors the best industry retailers in the country. Leaders awards are presented at the annual Leaders Dinner event attended by retail, wholesale and supplier executives.


Spirits & Wine Hot Prospect Brand Awards

  • Spirits & Wine Hot Prospect Brand Awards
  • Spirits Category Feature: Blended Scotch Whisky
  • Spirits Category Feature: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Mixology: Health-Conscious Cocktails
  • Wine Feature: Port
  • Wine Feature: California Zinfandel
  • On-Premise Profile: Union Square Group’s Spirits Program
  • Retailer Profile: Wine World, Florida
  • Craft Spirits Feature: Woodinville
  • Wine Supplier Profile: Old Bridge Cellars
  • Craft Brewer Profile: Green Flash
  • Supplier Profile: Fifth Generation Inc.
  • Leaders Roundup
  • Bar Talk: Ride Share and the Bar
  • Special Bonus Distribution: Wine Spectator Wine Experience



  • Spirits Category Feature: Canadian Whisky
  • Spirits Category Feature: Liqueurs
  • Mixology: Bourbon
  • Wine Feature: Oregon
  • Wine Feature: Uruguay
  • On-Premise Feature: Top Cocktail Lists In National Accounts
  • Retailer Feature: Speakeasy Liquors
  • Craft Brewer Profile: Surly Brewing
  • Craft Spirits Profile: Copper & Kings
  • Beer Feature: Session Beers
  • Wine Sense
  • Outlook for Holiday Products
  • NBWA Roundup


Blue Chip Brand Awards

  • Blue Chip Brand Awards
  • Spirits Category Feature: Cognac
  • Spirits Category Feature: Imported Vodka
  • Mixology: Mezcal
  • Wine Feature: Bordeaux
  • Wine Feature: California Sparkling Wine
  • On-Premise Profile: Foodshed, Baltimore
  • Retailer Profile: Broudy’s Liquors, Jacksonville
  • Craft Spirits Profile: Stranahan’s
  • Craft Brewer Profile: 21st Amendment
  • Beer Feature: On-Premise Strategies
  • Bar Talk:

Hot Themes for 2017...

On-Premise Player of the Year
The best restaurateur or bar owner is showcased in a feature story. Learn what has made the company a success.

Recognition of the best industry retailers in the country both in store and online.

Hot Brand Awards, Blue Chip Brands & Hot Prospects
These are the industry’s most exciting and valued brands, quantified each year by Impact and published in Market Watch.

On-Premise & Off-Premise Profiles
A look at what your customers are doing with their stores and operations to maintain and enhance the customers’ experience.

Appearing in every issue...

MRS Editorial
Letter from Marvin R. Shanken, the Chairman of M. Shanken Communications

Show Window
News on expansion and innovative marketing from retail stores nationwide

Beer Buzz
What’s new and happening in the beer category

Through the Glass
News about retailers, on- and off-premise operators, supplier brands and more...

New Product
Information on the new products and how to get them

Sommelier Spotlight
A profile of a notable sommelier and details about his or her wine program

Nightclub & Bar Openings
The hottest openings of clubs and bars around the country

Brand Watch
An in depth look at the performance of notable brands in the market

The latest cocktail trends

Restaurant Openings
The latest culinary openings, and what their beverage offerings look like

Bar Talk
The latest bar trends, promotion, technology and more

All the news that’s fit to print

Photographs and captions from the latest industry and celebrity events

Wine Features
A look at the trends and innovation in the wine category

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