The Food Arts Reader

Food Arts reaches more than 55,500 chefs, F&B directors and restaurant owners across the nation. Our readership covers the full-service segment of the industry as no other trade publication can; our readers represent operations from Perkins to TGI Friday's to fine-dining establishments; from Holiday Inn to Hyatt to Ritz-Carlton.

Despite their diverse demographics, Food Arts readers share some "typical" traits which are anything but typical:

  • Power in Purchasing Decisions. 95.2% of Food Arts readers are responsible for their establishment's FOOD purchasing decisions (MRI) and 98% are involved in and/or influence the Food, Beverage, Equipment and Tabletop purchasing decisions (MRI).
  • Power in Menu Decisions. 94% are responsible for developing or influencing the addition of new items to their establishment's menus (Harvey Measurement Study).
  • Tremendous Purchasing Power. Food Arts readers serve over 13 billion meals per year (MRI).
  • Requests Food Arts in Writing. Food Arts circulation is 100% written or emailed request (BPA). When other publications speak of "readers," they often mean people to whom they send their publication. When we say "readers," we mean people who have taken time to request Food Arts in writing.
  • Overwhelming Response to Advertising. Food Arts receives the highest leads within the industry and this includes fractional advertising. Berkshire Processing reports that Food Arts' averages between 150-300 leads per ad, with BRC's receiving an average of over 400 leads.
  • Preference for Food Arts over other food service publications. 96% of our readers have read the last 3 of our 4 issues and they spend an average of 54 minutes with each issue (MRI). The overwhelming majority of our readers spend more time with Food Arts than with any other food service publication (MRI).

Food Arts Editorial Mission

Our readers rely on Food Arts. Our readers-America's most successful and industry-active chefs, restaurateurs, food and beverage directors, and caterers-look to Food Arts for serious food information not available elsewhere, and consider Food Arts to be a trusted, reliable source (MRI).

Food Arts style and graphics stand alone. Our distinctive covers draw our readers inside each issue, and our authoritative coverage of trends and industry news keeps them on the cutting edge.

No other trade magazine focuses solely on the interests and needs of the full-service segment. Ten times each year, Food Arts strives to offer a balance of editorial that covers every aspect of the business, including:

  • Detailed industry news coverage of the full-service industry
  • Personality profiles
  • Descriptions and contact information for nationwide culinary events
  • The latest and hottest restaurant openings coast to coast
  • Business-building tips from colleagues
  • How-to culinary demonstrations
  • The latest in chain operations
  • Practical wine lessons and case studies of wine programs from around the country
  • Lively tasting notes
  • What's new and chic in tabletop looks and equipment
  • Encyclopedic clip-and-save features on ingredients and purveyor sources
  • Marketing ideas to boost bar business
  • New recipes from the country's hottest chefs

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